This Ol’ Dungeon Podcast

Episode23 Jason Hobbs and The Secret of Bone Hill

August 12, 2022

In this installment we all have a great time talking low fantasy gaming (and "Low Fantasy Gaming"), West Marches, great Kickstarters/Drivethru bundles, end boss battles, and even get around to talking about L1: The Secret of Bone Hill.  If you've never read/played this classic, or if it's been awhile; join us for a discussion of all its gems and all its blemishes-there's a lot to be mined from this old exemplar!  To end it all, we see if Jason can get his Geek credit with 5 questions dealing with Conan, Paintball, West Marches, and Classic D&D Hexcrawling...  Don't forget to write in before next episode to be matched up as a "at home winner" for the next playing of "Geek Credit."

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